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Wednesday, 08, December

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Christmas has come early for children in Manilla, with a brand-new playground in Chaffey Park now complete in time for the upcoming school holidays. The design for the playground was chosen by Manilla residents in March this year, with the community

8th December 2021
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No need to be a couch potato these school holidays, there is plenty to do outside of the country music festival following the announcement of the Summer School Holiday program. Tamworth Regional Council Team Leader Inclusive Community Katey Allwell said the

Tamworth Regional Council is creating a Entrance Strategy and we need your help to create a consistent, strategic approach to ensure all future signage is implemented with appropriate design and consideration guided by the aspirations of the community.               The goal of the

From 1928 and 2013 if you needed medicine in Barraba you would have been helped by a member of the Coote family. Don, and then his son Brian Coote, operated their family-owned pharmacy in Barraba for 85 years. Tinctures, mixtures

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