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Kid’s News

By Laura Russell, 9 years

Kids all over Australia just had a big holiday! Yay! So, what did you do to get into mischief? I think kids should do what they’re not allowed to do in school. Eat some chocolates you’ve saved, drink some fizzy drinks, maybe chuck another shrimp on the barbie.

If you went to a beach like I did, I hope you had a fun time and caught some waves on your boogie board…hopefully not the tsunami waves! If you went somewhere else, I bet you had a good time too, even just chilling at home and playing with Christmas presents. You could tell your family some jokes just like these:

What’s a frog’s favourite drink? Diet croak.

Why did the computer cross the road? Because the chicken programmed it!

Maybe you were lazy and laid on the lounge and watched TV or read this newspaper! Schools are back now so I hope you enjoyed your last week of freedom!