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Whitehaven Coal donation will assist greatly in organising events for our youth

Fun things planned for Manilla Youth for school holiday periods

The Manilla Matters 355 Committee organizers the Manilla Australia Awards, and Manilla Youth Activities, Manilla Christmas Carols.

You may remember in the past the Manilla Matters Committee ran Junior Discos and Movies. It’s been a while since any youth activities have been organized due to members moving away, retiring and of course COVID. The present committee is revitalized consisting of new and past members young and old. Our committee is aiming at running youth/family events and activities during holiday periods for free or at minimum cost.

When  the Manilla Matters Committee reached out to Darren Swain,  the Community Relations Manager at Whitehaven Coal we were overwhelmed by Whitehaven Coal’s  generous and prompt response in the way of a $4000 donation towards the running of the youth/family events.

We are currently planning something for the July school holidays and will let you know when details are finalized.

The donation from Whitehaven has enabled our committee to book a BMX Workshop for the September School holidays which will cater for 60 participants in both beginners (morning) and advanced (afternoon) workshops.  With the opportunity for  those children who wish just to be a spectator.  The day will conclude with the coaches giving a BMX Bike Riding Demo. Kris Faulkner from Tamworth Bike Scoot Skate will be running the workshops. Kris does have a Manilla connection being Cheryl Perry’s nephew.

We hope to be able to arrange  fun activities catering for all ages from Drama, Music, Art, Sport and entertainment, this can be hard at times to find locally and we would welcome and suggestions or people to contact.

We are also planning a Christmas Gala for early December, commencing with Christmas Carols in the Park to be followed by the Lions Christmas Hams and Turkey Chocolate Wheels with Christmas Market Stalls and BBQ. More details will be given as we get closer to the date, but keep this event in mind.